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Lil Kim shows off her juicy tits

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

It’s funny how this hot ebony beauty likes to be known as Lil Kim when clearly, there is nothing ‘Lil’ about her. Just look at Lil Kim’s tits…aren’t they a combination of sweet and spicy? Yes, she’s a spicy hot chocolate nymph who brings a thick layer of cocoa hotness with everything she does.  That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised seeing lots of Lil Kim naked pics circling the internet.

She’s the number one nipple slip queen in the ebony world, and she has every right to be proud about it. Here’s Lil Kim’s nipples playing peek-a-boo in this hot picture. I have to admit, she doesn’t have the best-looking face but once you get over that fact and focus on what is important, which is Lil Kim’s naked body in your head, then we are good to go.