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Photos of Lil Kim’s Tits and Pussy

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Lil Kim is probably THE sexiest singer slash rapper ever to grace the Grammy universe! No kidding! This little bundle of bittersweet dark chocolate may be small in height, but trust me when I say that she is BIG in impact and influence! Oh yes, underneath her glistening brown skin is a talent that is simply unparalleled and unprecedented that is why she is loved by millions of fans – mind you, they are not all black. She is universally adored and widely lusted for and that’s why we love the petite package that is Lil Kim!

There is simply no reason why people wouldn’t love Lil Kim! Look at her! First, she’s got a face that screams attitude and yet when you meet her, she is sweet, nice, and kind – not what you would expect from an A list singer slash rapper. Second, she has the bod of a runway model (if runway models were allowed to be small). She’s got the perky tits and the hot ass all in a body that’s well toned and not to mention, ripped! I would love to imagine what her pussy must be like but even a horny jerk like me can still give respect for the people whom I adore. In the meantime, enjoy these fakes! Click here for photos of Lil Kim’s tits and pussy!